Sunday, September 2, 2007


The Gas Light before the Crowd arrives. For those
of you from the DC area think Love but on a smaller scale.
Extremely plush, great sound, and a beautiful light show.

Dj Alem and me, we tore the club down last night

The Gas Light once the crowd arrived.

Me and the man with the plan, Danny Davis.

The Mehari Brothers and me. They rocked
the place on Friday night at the Splash Party.
Check them out at

More Ethio women at the Splash Party Friday Night

Front view of the Sheraton at Night

Well the first weekend in Addis has been pretty eventful. The Splash Party on Friday was a success even with the limited time for promotion so it should get better and better as the weeks go on. Last night at the Gas Light was even better, the people really partied and they actually have an appreciation for a wide range of music. I played a lot of old school, reggae, and hip hop. Looking forward to next weeks parties and exploring the city over the week. Promise to get some pics of the city up. It's still rain season here so it pretty much feels like a warm Seattle right now.


Bare Arms said...

more pics of the Do ya thang dawg.

Yuri said...

My likkle myspace picture gallery has been updated with some of the flicks from the All White Zodiac Affair: Virgo that was hosted this past Labor Day weekend by T-Mac and DJ Clue.

I will try to get more loaded over the weekend (there are a sh!#load of pics) so don't fret if you took some pics at the party and don't see yourself in my gallery yet. You may also find pics at R2 Entertainment

-- Yuri

JAWANZA said...

I'm with bare arms, More pics of the women. Would full body be too much to ask........