Friday, August 31, 2007


Two of the members of the House Band (check my man's jacket),
Me, and one of the many Ethiopian women at the Office Bar.

Guess you were right about taking the shots Fe$.
Better bruises than yellow fever I always say

Two more Ethios and a German woman at the Office Bar

I have to say the most surprising thing about Addis is that it is a multi-cultural city. So far Ive met people from Lebanon, Germany, Asia, and various other places. I've been told that it holds the fourth largest concentration of embassies in the world, which accounts for the amount of varying cultures you run into. First party I'm spinning tonight so we shall see how it goes down.

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Big Homie said...

I was thinking the culture in some areas was very diverse. That is what I hear when most people I talk to overseas. Im anxious to hear the type of reaction when they here the music playing. I am sure you will switch it up on them, but I know they craze Hip Hop everywhere. I need to start traveling more overseas. I'll hold it down on the spot tonight on the 1s and 2s. Thats actually 3 drinks in my case.