Friday, August 31, 2007


Two of the members of the House Band (check my man's jacket),
Me, and one of the many Ethiopian women at the Office Bar.

Guess you were right about taking the shots Fe$.
Better bruises than yellow fever I always say

Two more Ethios and a German woman at the Office Bar

I have to say the most surprising thing about Addis is that it is a multi-cultural city. So far Ive met people from Lebanon, Germany, Asia, and various other places. I've been told that it holds the fourth largest concentration of embassies in the world, which accounts for the amount of varying cultures you run into. First party I'm spinning tonight so we shall see how it goes down.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More from the motherland

More pics of the Sheraton Addis. First view from the balcony from my room...second you can see the outside of the hotel and the surrounding city. The last is from by the pool and yes those are spotlights..better than disneyland and vegas rolled into one. More in the morning.


Hello everyone welcome to WORLDWIDEDJ. I'm your host Benhameen and for those of you who know me whats up to everyone else peace and welcome. This blog will mainly be about the travels trials and tribulations of THE RULING CLASS, a collective of djs, producers, filmmakers and what not based out of Washington D.C. I plan to cover all of our various adventures as well as just provide general hip-hop news from a slightly inside the industry perspective.
The pics above are from my plane trip to Ethiopia the first is the sun setting over the Atlantic and the second is Africa baby...westside... more to come....